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Dousevicz Communities in Vermont

Our Approach

As a second generation, locally run family company, Dousevicz Inc. understands the tremendous investment that building a home is for you and your family.  Dousevicz Inc wants to build you the home you've always dreamed of, and realize it is the backdrop of your future memories.  We will build it exceptionally well, at a price you can afford.  As active and respected members of the building community, you can feel confident in the long lasting quality of your Dousevicz home.  Founder and current President of the company, Jim Dousevicz, received the coveted "Lifetime Achievement" award from the Homebuilders and Remodelers association of Norther Vermont in 2011.  His son, and current Vice President, won the prestigious "Homebuilder of the Year" award form the association in 2013.  

Professionally Designed Homes

Your Dousevicz Home will be professionally designed from one of our experienced architects, and it will not only have the curb appeal you have been dreaming of, but the comfort, quality, and energy efficiency you would expect from a Dousevicz home.  Our design team is constantly evaluating the latest architectural trends and stay tuned to what modern families need such as open kitchens with plenty of counter space and open and bright living areas.  Our design team also works closely with engineers, experienced sub contractors, and building material providers to incorporate the latest building techniques and material to meet our stringent quality standards.  

Construction Quality

Dousevicz Inc has 30 years of experience in the homebuilding process.  We have experienced project managers, site supervisors, and trusted sub contractors working on your home from the design phase throughout completion.  All of our homes are independently verified with a 3rd party, such as Efficiency Vermont, after framing and before insulation, after insulation, and at home completion.  All homes that Dousevicz Inc has completely in recent years have received a 5+ star verification from Efficiency Vermont, their highest home energy rating.  

New Homes

Completed Projects